Ayodhya se Varanasi Tak..

This is a brief summary of the discussion that took place after we viewed the movie “Ayodhya se Varanasi tak..:Shanti ke liye Prarthana.”…some places are my own remarks.This isn’t an attempt to make any Statements but rather present Rhetorical Remarks..




It was the first meet since the Ayodhya -Babri masjid case had come up with the results.As such it was a good time for review the issue and understand a bit about it..


The movie:

It is deep insight of all the views and sentiments of the actual residents of Ayodhya. This included speakers from  the Nirmohi Akhara,  Wakf Board , workers ,villagers , laborers, merchants, farmers, people who earned their bread from the crowd that came to the temples and so forth. That is the actual heart and soul of Ayodhya. Now here is to remind that the case was in Ayodhya , for Ayodhya and of the people of Ayodhya , who were part of the Dispute. Voices of leaders from VHP , Bajrang Dal , and other hiduist parties along with Muslim institutes was also heard.

It was a vivid collection of the basic problems of people,from a begger to a wealthy merchant.

Won’t describe more [watch it yourself for further reference]..


The Discussion:

Well the discussion began ..At first no one commented ..cause I guess people generally tend not to present remarks on Religious/Communal issues.[Well who dare challenge the faith of a person totally into GOD!]







Further reading:





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