Sharing Projects in Eclipse using

This is a small step by step way of sharing your project using svn in eclipse and
We will be using Subclipse to perform the svn tasks.

1.Install Eclipse if haven’t yet.
[You will need the latest JDK installed for the same.]

2.Download and install Subclipse which will be used to perform the svn tasks.

3.Create a project on You will need to create an account before that or may use your Open ID to login.
Create Project

[Read here more about creating projects on

4.Enable the svn option for the project on

4.Create your project in eclipse viz: Web Project.

5.Now Right-click the project in Explorer tab. Goto Team -> Share Project… ->Select type as svn.

6.Provide the svn repository Url for the project viz.”

7.The project now opens in the default Synchronize mode.

8.You can start by committing your contents to sourceforge.

9.Explore the various svn tools by right-clicking on the project.


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