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So the idea decided was that we portray a Circus and in group of twos depict various characters. The roles were chosen below..

  • Bal- A Lion
  • Medha-Calisthenics Performer
  • Abhijit-Joker
  • Shaku-Calisthenics
  • Prashant-Ring Master and Circus Manager
  • Me-Joker

The outlines of our and other stories are as below-

Group 1.
Name-“Sundar Prabhat”-A beautiful Morning

This group showcased a two parts play, two people enter in[Hrishikesh and Puneet] turn on the Television..

[In T.V.]

Program turns on KBC[Who wants to be a millionaire?], the host Amitabh[Jeetu] calls in the guest Salman Khan[Tushar]. Special celebrity support are called..Manmohan Singh[Neeraj] and Sonia Gandhi[Mangal], the question begins..

Which beauty cream does Katrina Kaif[relative to Salman] use?

And a fun dellima continues..

The next scene is a changed show portraying Chitrahaar..
all people dance to a beautiful Morning Song..

-This Showcases the present Media use to portray beauty relative to external features.. Beauty products and its mass propagation.
-It also feature how the same media also can portray beauty of Nature’s Beauty, and wonderful thoughts if used so..

Group 2.

Name-Evolution of Beauty

A wonderful rhythmic attempt to portray real beauty

All players lay on the stage asleep, morning streak breaks silence, all animals awake one after another. There’s a pig, crow, donkey,tadpole, all supposedly ugly animals. They begin by small sounds leading a full fledged noises.. A brilliant music arises in the rhythmic croaking, squeaking, squealing, bleating. The character swirl around and change to common day workers, a woman preparing food, a person using his Axe, village workers, farmers, yet the uneven actions depict a beautiful music once again, portraying beauty existent in smallest and even the so called ugliest things..
End note with the song from Rock On!!
“Socha Hai..

-A brilliant approach to display beauty exists in each and every creation
-The neglegance of people to this aspect of beauty
-Should be improvised into a full fledged play..

Group 3.

Name- Satyam Shivam Sundaram

A three part play questioning aspects of beauty or its existence itself.
A mountain enters[Anuj] a questions publicly – “Am I beatutiful?”, goes ahead and asks one or two individually.

Moves into Backdrop. People enter around the mountain. An Artist simmers the mountains beauty in a painting, another person appears proposing to a girl , a trekker enjoys hiking about the mountain, a photographer captures mountain Pics.

A representation of different points of view in beauty of a mountain.

Next Part depicts two characters and thier children emerging from them-

Sabhyata[Civilization] -Essence of competition
Sanskriti[Culture] -Love[Prem],etc..

An attempt to abstractly touch various aspects of beauty, questioning its existence ,its inhibitant nature.

Group 4.

Name- Drishtikon [Perspective]

This was our groups presentation, It started of with us all entering and dancing to the tune of “Jeena Yahaan” from “Meera Naam Joker”.



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