Blender Workshop[Episode 1]

In accordance with the Chamba Open Movie Initiative, we’ve been reaching to colleges to gain support, and promote people to work on Blender, for attracting more Artists to Chamba. One such attempt was by taking a workshop in Sri KashiBai Navale[SKN], College of Engineering, Sinhagad Campus, Pune.

A few Moments from this Workshop can be found over here..
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I preceded over taking the two-day workshop to give an insight in the Basics of 3-D Modelling, Texturing, Animation and Blender Game Engine.

About 60 students participated in the two-day event over 22-23 January,2011. What began as a mild introduction soon lead to a session with overwhelming response. I was happy to see the last of the student trying to notch out every piece of solution for whatever mistakes they made over the two days.

I was astonished to find that even in the last session of the two days, 97% of the crowd was still present!!![I have a huge experience with Workshops, and this is a bit strange.]

I was able to complete basics of 3-D modelling,Sculpting,Editing on the First Day, with them taking time to be familiarized with the Blender Environment.

Later in the Evening of the first day, Praveen and Labeeb dropped in to show the Open Movies[under the Open Movie Fest]. With Sintel, Big Buck Bunny and likes, the crowd seemed to be relieved from the day long Workshop.

On the next day I started off with screening of “Sita Sings the Blues” and completed it half. Then I began with Basics of Animation and Camera movements.

Post Lunch Shravan and Praveen dropped in whence I had started off with Basics of Blender Game Engine.

Later I handed over the movie sessions to the both and left for Lokayat.

All in it was a superbly managed event. I thank Sonal, a lot for taking in the initiative and helping me out,Praveen,Labeeb and Shravan from Chamba, and the team of people with Sonal. I also thank the Staff of SKN , along with the authorities for granting me to hold such an event.

For more information over Chamba:

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