Yesterday, we(Shyam Sir, Anand-his brother an me), completed the setup of a test cloud in PICT.

We setup a cloud with procedure from below


It was a havoc for many days, Shyam Sir had started the setup many days before. Its easy to setup the cloud, if its on an internal network. We had many collisions as we wanted to use two NIC’s one for Public IP and another a private one that created a bridge to the internal nodes.

We setup Eucalyptus EC,which provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which consists of the following main components

1. Cloud Controller (Your main interface for the external world)
2. Cluster Controller (CLC-Controls the internal cluster/s)
3. Walrus (Controls volumes and storage)
4. SC (Storage Controller)

Every node within the network should have a Node Controller(NC)

Important things to remember:
1.Make sure you have assigned proper IP’s for internal and external network
2. Make sure there is password less login from CC to NC
3. ssh is a hell,it wasted our days, make sure ssh ports are properly configured, this is bound to happen due to use of 2 NIC’s
4. Make sure you have set ListenAddress property,to mask and use the desired interface for ssh,(/etc/ssh/ssh_config)
5. See that all internal interfaces act as a bridge, along with ip-forwarding enabled.

*For detailed error,check the cc.log in /var/log/eucalyptus

*Only after proper registration of nodes, do we find a nc.log on the node machine, this is an indication of relief(its almost done), as your CC and NC are communicating.

—More to come about images installation and management—


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