Cube game Formula

Rubick’s Cube Game Formula


For all those who wondered how they solve that Cube, well here you go..

Consider Learning Movements of Sides first before starting off with using the formula…


Second line R H Side

T–, R +, T +, R –, C –, T +, F + T –

Second Line LH Side

T +, L –, T –, L + C +, T –, F –, T +

(It Centre line is matched do the final Piece)

Second Line Final Piece RH Side

T –, R +, T +, R –,T +, M –, F +, M +, T –

Second Line Final Piece LH Side

T +, L –, T –, L+, T –, M –, F –, M +, T +

(Match one center piece and keep at left side like this: ¿)

Third row for Plus Sign

R –, T –, F –, T +, F +, R +,

Third Row for Plus Sign Matching

R2, U –, M + U2, M +, U2, M2, U +, R2

Third row for Corner Pieces (Maximum 2)

T +, R +, T –, L–, T +, R –, T –, L +

(Use above line for many times till you get linear positions)

(If you get Diagonal pieces like this:      then do final positioning)

Final Positioning of all 6 Colors

R +, B2, R –, T –, B2, T +, F +, T –, B2, T +, R +, B2, R –, F –

R +, RH, Clock wise                                               U+, Under (Bottom) Clock wise

R –, RH Anti Clock wise                           U –, Under (Bottom) Anti Clock wise

L +, LH Clock wise                                      M +, (Vertical) Middle towards operator

L –, LH Anti Clock wise                            M –, (vertical) Middle away from operator

F +, Front Clock wise                                C +, (Center) (Horizontal) Clock wise

F –, Front Anti Clock wise                                  C –, (Horizontal) (Centre) Anti clock wise

T +, Top Clock wise                                               B +, Back Clock wise

T –, Top Anti Clock wise                          B –, Back Anti Clock wise

P.S. Don’t ask me to teach it. It takes time and practice to learn to learn it..


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