Quick into it

So the past few days its been reading and reading and more reading. Because crypto wasn’t going to be easy they say.

Although we’ve been able scratch the surface on some things. Some things are still in the grey for me{Many!}.

I integrated RIPMD160 implementation into krypt-digests. Although I need to re factor the beauty.

Defined a prototype for Ciphers. It exposes blowfish, aes, des, rsa, ecies for now, with default padding and mode for now. I have setup architectures for these, still waiting for Martin to define the interfaces into LibraryService for integration.

The next thing after Ciphers we will be trying is Signatures. But this will be a bit different from what I had thought. Earlier, from my readings I had thought to implement,

1. Keys

2. Signatures

3. Certificates, etc

But Martin has something in mind for password erasure from Memory{scratching surface of IO directly}, while handling Signatures, and other things{I guess, not clear of the plan}. So I have been having an overview of the I/O architecture in jruby now, to see how this will be done.

Next few days, it will be more refactoring and more of reading{which is what I spent most of my time till now.} So really, we don’t know what the plan is gonna be next, cause Martin has his own ride, which is touching many more features{which I dint have in mind before.}

I don’t know what the next few days will bring in.


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