The Re-Tale

This Wikipedia page lists the following as the so called “hurdles” of Indian Retailing infrastructure.

Challenges in Retailing

In 2008, the supermarkets and organised retail chains accounted for 4 percent of the total Retail share of India, before the inception of Wal-Mart the leader in Retail market leader in the World with 8,500 stores in 15 countries, with 55 different names and about 500+ billion company.

Slowly and steadily the un-organised sector is losing its grip. The growth rate of organised retailing was 35% last year, and that of its counter-part being a meager 6%.

Dried up Local Markets

With the rise in Tier-II and Tier-III cities in India, a steady rise has been reflected in the growth and establishment of markets. The average Indian consumer now prefers the Marts due to the accessibility and heavy discounts levied. A relief for the commoner in an economy with rising prices. The steady draft from un-organised to organised retailing is making a disastrous change at best.

Like any huge corporation, Chain-Retailers are plundering the might of small business holdings and establishment. A report on Wal-mart’s threat to economy beautifully pictures this dillema. Anit-trust lawsuits are on the rise, and in the open. In such a view, Bharati group has turned into an alliance with it in BestPrice Modern Wholesale.

“Every Indian desires for a Bike even if he can’t afford the fuel”

In this context ,I am left to think, why don’t we ever learn from other’s mistake? With such a dreaded history, the Wal-Mart’s fame will now be following by Reliance Fresh,D-Mart’s,Big-Bazaar’s etc. They suck up the local business by selling goods at a substantially low price, and then increase the prices after the lot is the only one to monopolize.

Everyday news, states the rise in groceries as it is, due to the criminal economic system of our country. Today’s news stated a rise of 58% of prices in groceries in Maharashtra. This was somehow sustained by people due to the current available competition, from local retailers. When the monopoly rises, people will have no chance but comply to the heavy prices of the marts. The inception of Wal-Mart wasn’t welcomed by protests but excitement by the common Indian. We are blind-folded by the Awe, these Establishments promise. Later even before we try to understand what lies behind the picture we are left helpless. Although the current Retail laws limit the involvement of Foreign settlements in this Retail Economy, it wont be long in this country with major US influence to avert this, this was a clear picture painted by Obama’s last India visit.

So now the question arises, do we want low prices for a small time, and then high prices forever, or the current ways that go on? Well there may be arguments that the current system isn’t fine as well, but that’s nothing compared to its counter-part.

Even as we see for ourselves[Consumers], the thought should prevail about the crores that will be losing their Jobs and Life [Independent Retailers]. The aftermath can be as that seen in countries where Wal-Mart exists[US,Brazil,etc]. The effects are far reaching that affect the whole the economy at large.

So what should be done? Spread the word. Let everyone understand such and many more things in our life…

Join together to fight against such Corporations that threat our existence…



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So the idea decided was that we portray a Circus and in group of twos depict various characters. The roles were chosen below..

  • Bal- A Lion
  • Medha-Calisthenics Performer
  • Abhijit-Joker
  • Shaku-Calisthenics
  • Prashant-Ring Master and Circus Manager
  • Me-Joker

The outlines of our and other stories are as below-

Group 1.
Name-“Sundar Prabhat”-A beautiful Morning

This group showcased a two parts play, two people enter in[Hrishikesh and Puneet] turn on the Television..

[In T.V.]

Program turns on KBC[Who wants to be a millionaire?], the host Amitabh[Jeetu] calls in the guest Salman Khan[Tushar]. Special celebrity support are called..Manmohan Singh[Neeraj] and Sonia Gandhi[Mangal], the question begins..

Which beauty cream does Katrina Kaif[relative to Salman] use?

And a fun dellima continues..

The next scene is a changed show portraying Chitrahaar..
all people dance to a beautiful Morning Song..

-This Showcases the present Media use to portray beauty relative to external features.. Beauty products and its mass propagation.
-It also feature how the same media also can portray beauty of Nature’s Beauty, and wonderful thoughts if used so..

Group 2.

Name-Evolution of Beauty

A wonderful rhythmic attempt to portray real beauty

All players lay on the stage asleep, morning streak breaks silence, all animals awake one after another. There’s a pig, crow, donkey,tadpole, all supposedly ugly animals. They begin by small sounds leading a full fledged noises.. A brilliant music arises in the rhythmic croaking, squeaking, squealing, bleating. The character swirl around and change to common day workers, a woman preparing food, a person using his Axe, village workers, farmers, yet the uneven actions depict a beautiful music once again, portraying beauty existent in smallest and even the so called ugliest things..
End note with the song from Rock On!!
“Socha Hai..

-A brilliant approach to display beauty exists in each and every creation
-The neglegance of people to this aspect of beauty
-Should be improvised into a full fledged play..

Group 3.

Name- Satyam Shivam Sundaram

A three part play questioning aspects of beauty or its existence itself.
A mountain enters[Anuj] a questions publicly – “Am I beatutiful?”, goes ahead and asks one or two individually.

Moves into Backdrop. People enter around the mountain. An Artist simmers the mountains beauty in a painting, another person appears proposing to a girl , a trekker enjoys hiking about the mountain, a photographer captures mountain Pics.

A representation of different points of view in beauty of a mountain.

Next Part depicts two characters and thier children emerging from them-

Sabhyata[Civilization] -Essence of competition
Sanskriti[Culture] -Love[Prem],etc..

An attempt to abstractly touch various aspects of beauty, questioning its existence ,its inhibitant nature.

Group 4.

Name- Drishtikon [Perspective]

This was our groups presentation, It started of with us all entering and dancing to the tune of “Jeena Yahaan” from “Meera Naam Joker”.


“Saundarya”-Beauty-Prof.Lal Bahadur Varma

A two day bashing and hammering to a subject closely knitted to our lives,


The two days full of fun,awesome introspection and close remarks on a subject we hadn’t understood in reality.

[Part One]

I was late on the first day due to illness, but I guess I hadn’t missed much, lucky me..
It appears the first session was that of relating Beauty to whatever comes to mind.On a large board I found people had written..

-Beautiful Moon
-Beautiful Love
-Beautiful Life
-Beautiful day
-Beautiful nature

Saundary Board.

The second activity I guess was to introspect the most beautiful and ugly events of our life..I don’t have the details of these both.

I reached just before lunch when the discussion was moved to that of the relation between a teacher and a student. A new angle of seeing this relation..Some notable points were the way a teacher should proceed with his teachings. Does a teacher always give 100% to his student? I guess, he may give 99.99%, that 0.01% is what helps him to take over in cases where they both have differences over some issue..Funny this happens so..

So how should a student ideally proceed, he should interpret and take what the teacher says as a point of start, this forms the base.This knowledge is waste if not put to test and further research. This is a beautiful process as it leads to birth of new knowledge…

And how should a teacher proceed then? Varmaji says its totally unethical a teacher shows the student a path, a way..[huh!]
Well its straight forward, the student is an individual being. He isn’t here to live the life of his teacher is he? He will live and search a new way, a new path. So the teacher shouldn’t indulge in leading or showing a student the ways, but make him proficient to search and lead himself.

{My unanswered question: Well then how should we scale someone who doesn’t show us the path but teaches us how to see the path?[cynical me.]}

Some proverbs were touched later, showing the importance how they are two fold or may mean something totally opposite.
-After every night, there’s day.[Well night follows doesn’t it?And how come night’s bad?Seema says-“Sundar ratra”..:-)]
-Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
-You can’t clap with one hand.[Bang a table ya’ll.]

End of note was…

How right it is to take the teacher as god? References were made about Karl Marx. As Voltaire says -“There was only one Christian,He died on the cross..”..The reference raises the question, teacher or any other ideal…well they lived their principles..So the best practice would be to incorporate their teachings and not idolize them. Marx lived his ideals, no person who even follows the total life of Marx can be a Marxist[?], well should we proceed ahead?It’s been 150 years now, should we think beyond Marxism?[No negativity included,It’s our duty to help progress and mould a new era and pool of ideas.]

Lunch it is then..:}[Loads of fun as all gather around in huge circles and dive into God knows who’s tiffins,mine is nowhere in my view..]Its always a delight eating fighting over food..Yummy..

[Part Two]


Post Lunch was the real fun. Well nothing can be learnt by theory alone…And of-course not such a beautiful subject as Beauty[Pun intended].

So off we were sent into 6 groups to come up with “a statement on Beauty” in 30 minutes.It could be anything from a play, a poem, a story, a one liner,etc..Everyone chose the safest escape..A play!!!

So I was in with Balakrishna[Bal.],Abhijit,Medha,Shakuntala[Shakhu],and yeah our creative lead Prashant.

So all teams went to separate places for discussion. We began with ours. First the media of expression was debated over.. A play…a musical one? A sonnet with a play? Reading poetry from books over Beauty, on some words..
Play was decided unanimously,ideas poured in and we chose to portray a Circus..So how was this relevant?We wanted to display the sight,angle by which Beauty is seen. For some, Circus is an elegant and beautiful show to watch, for the others its the pain a Lion feels, the long workouts of calisthenics…


Ayodhya se Varanasi Tak..

This is a brief summary of the discussion that took place after we viewed the movie “Ayodhya se Varanasi tak..:Shanti ke liye Prarthana.”…some places are my own remarks.This isn’t an attempt to make any Statements but rather present Rhetorical Remarks..




It was the first meet since the Ayodhya -Babri masjid case had come up with the results.As such it was a good time for review the issue and understand a bit about it..


The movie:

It is deep insight of all the views and sentiments of the actual residents of Ayodhya. This included speakers from  the Nirmohi Akhara,  Wakf Board , workers ,villagers , laborers, merchants, farmers, people who earned their bread from the crowd that came to the temples and so forth. That is the actual heart and soul of Ayodhya. Now here is to remind that the case was in Ayodhya , for Ayodhya and of the people of Ayodhya , who were part of the Dispute. Voices of leaders from VHP , Bajrang Dal , and other hiduist parties along with Muslim institutes was also heard.

It was a vivid collection of the basic problems of people,from a begger to a wealthy merchant.

Won’t describe more [watch it yourself for further reference]..


The Discussion:

Well the discussion began ..At first no one commented ..cause I guess people generally tend not to present remarks on Religious/Communal issues.[Well who dare challenge the faith of a person totally into GOD!]







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