Redhat Workshop

Last sunday I conducted a workshop on basics of Blender at Redhat, as part of the Chamba initiative.

I tried covering the contents as below:

  1. Introduction to Blender Environment
  2. Modelling
  3. Object and Operations
  4. Lighting
  5. Textures
  6. Animation Basics
  7. Game Engine Basics
For more details head over this wiki page

Mujhe mere Pita lauta do..

When my friend from Vidarbh opens his newspaper everyday, and finds that there aren’t any farmers dead the day before, he chucks with the person next to him -“Konich Atma-hatya keli nahi rav kaal..”[“Friend, No one commited suicide yesterday.”]

What has become a daily incident in the Vidarbh, isn’t just limited over there. Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, etc, all of which were considered as Pioneers in Green-Revolution in 1970’s.

“Green Revolution” was neither Green , nor a Revolution.
It was the total devastation of our Agricultural Sector at large.

In late 70’s there was a heavy deficit of food, and people were dying of starvation in India. At around the same time Lal Bahudur Shastri was the Prime Minister of India. India heeded for help from America , with respect to the shortage in grains. India just wanted a moderate help, to overcome the deficit, but America was adamant to help, laying the condition to restructure the Agricultural Sector in India in-front of the then PM. Soon in 1966 , he passed way, with Indira Gandhi taking up as the Prime Minister.

Indira Gandhi succumbed to the need and India agreed to open up the Agricultural sector.

Accordingly heavy structural changes were made, with introduction of Public Distribution System, High Yielding Varieties, Intensive Farming, and heavy use of Fertilizers.

Ironically the Fertilizers were from those Companies that produced Chemical Weapons for the World War, and had soon lost Market thereafter.

With the inception of Fertilizers, HYV[seeds] a so-called Revolution spanned across all regions of India. Most traditional farmers switched to use of Chemicals in Farming.

But the inevitable soon followed. You can’t expect glories from a Land that has been under constant sedation of chemicals. The Ground Water is polluted, the atmosphere changes, pollens are affected, and the cycle continues.

Soon the yield of farmers began to drop. The so-called High Yielding Varieties didn’t Yield at all!!!