GSoC 2012

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Hello, World!

I was selected this year to be a part of JRuby, and contribute as part of Google Summer of Code 2012.

Over the summer, I will try to add features to krypt and hopefully digital signature support, with an exited mentor Martin Bosslet. He’s over from Germany and is pretty much interested in security.

The deal is open-ended with me trying to complete as many features for Digital Signatures and then move on for more powerful features, with the likes of touching nokogiri{xml},  and pdf support. If possible try on an adventure with Martin’s idea of Signing Ruby gems .Whoa, thats a hell lot!

Over the short period of three months, which overlap my exams, I will try to implement as much possible to make most of GSoC. Currently I am undergoing the Community bonding period, where I am getting to know more about krypt, JCE, Digital Signatures, etc. As a start I tried porting RIPEMD-160 , and did other tests, to get me going.

This is going to be a super awesome summer!

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